Tag with name "Finish" not accepted

I had created the tags “Friendly” and “Finished”. I decided to shorten the tag “Finished”, and deleted the “Finished” tag. I tried to add a tag with the name “Finish”. On pressing save the tag list only showed the tag “Friendly”. I tried several times and even rebooted, but the “Finish” entry simply would not save as a tag. I tried “Finished” again and it worked just fine. Can anyone explain whats going on?

Finish is a built in tag name. It won’t appear in the user entered tag names list since it is internal, and it can’t be deleted for the same reason. Trying to add a tag named ‘Finish’ won’t do anything since it already exists as an internal tag. Pull down the tag menu from any game object to show the list of both built-in and user defined tags.

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Ah. Great answer ksmathers. So in the training the built in tag “Finish” is used. Is there anything special to this, or can I continue to use my own tag “Finished”? i.e. as long as I keep using “Finished” in my code, will this do the trick, or does using the built in tag “Finish” have special properties where the tag reference is treated differently?

The built-in tags don’t have any hidden functionality @Sorendark.

See also;

  • Unity - Manual : Tags
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