Tag doesn’t work

I have seen this problem solved in the discussion but I didn’t understand what to do

It should be other.gameObject (lowecase ‘g’). C# is case sensitive, so GameObject is not the same as gameObject

Thank you it did work , but why can’t i use other.tag , it did work out well in the lecture

Collision2D does not have a tag property because it’s not a MonoBehaviour. When you do OnCollisionEnter2D you get a Collision2D object that holds information about the collision. When you use OnTriggerEnter2D (note trigger not collision) you get the Collider2D that caused the trigger. Collider2D is a MonoBehaviour and has a tag property.

So, when you use OnTriggerEnter2D you can use other.tag, but when you use OnCollisionEnter2D you need to get the gameObject the collided (and is stored as part of the collision info) and then get the tag from that object

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it

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