🙀 Taco Toilet Cat

After finishing the awesome section 4, I decided to finally post some of my work from the class here.

I’m loving the class so far and appreciate how helpful Ben & Rick [& Nina] have been. Thanks ya’ll! =D

Please check out my creation here:
:taco::toilet::scream_cat: Taco Toilet Cat


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Epic, dude. Love the glitch aesthetic. Totally into that vibe.

Thanks! I’m planning on creating a VR experience that combines fractals, glitching and music - so I figured I’ll learn more by embedding some of that goodness onto the game.

Keijiro Takahashi makes some amazing glitch effects along with other things - definitely check him out for some crazy Unity goodness.

The good stuff:


These are amazing! Wow! Thanks so much!

Funk yes! Let me know if you end up using them, would love to check it out. =D

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