T-Cell - Thrusters and Healing Effect Particles Implementation (video)

With a new primitive shape T-Cell needed her own thrusters and side reactors. I was inspired by space RCS for the reactor particle effects.
And I also worked on a healing effect for the healthy cell (the starting point of each level and possible future checkpoints):

It’s not the healing effect of the decor intended in my onion design, but I wanted to finish the week with something really homemade :blush: And now I have the foundation for a future healing gameplay :nerd_face:

For now, the code behind is really basic:


Very detailed. You are on a roll :raised_hands:

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I like that middle landing pad you added in! That would be a nice way to require a pad be accessed before moving on to the final landing pad. I’ll keep that in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, thank you (and happy new year to you by the way :blush:)!
Exactly, there are plenty of possibilities with this type of “buttons” :grinning: So please, be my guest :gift:

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