Symmetry is strange behaving

Hi everybody. i wonder, does somebody know why the x-symmetry is not so good working?

here i switched it on right when i started, but the mesh is not symmetricaly. i thought it might be because of remesh,and i wouldent be so bad.

then i remesh more, and something strange starts to happen… its all with symmetry on. see this ears?

thanks in advance

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I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve also experienced the symmetry sometimes going a bit awry.

One thing that can help is hitting the Symmetrize button in the symmetry drop down menu, just make sure to set the preferred direction:



To me, it seems that symmetry is only working when you are sculpting. Remesh is something completely different. It doesn’t do symmetrical mesh.

With re-mesh the opposite vertices don’t match anymore exactly. So the error grows.

You can delete one half and use the mirror (apply) to make a good object to sculpt on.


Thank you guys. that seems to work.

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