Sword swinging animations

Wouldn’t those be much easier to make if one first move the sword sprite’s pivot point to the sword’s hilt, which is essentially the point you would be swinging it around if you held a sword in your hands?

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I thought the same. There may be a reason for it.

Having not yet looked at the content i couldnt honestly say.
It could be personal preference but if you find an easier method that works for you then by all means use it and maybe share with the community :slight_smile:

Edit :- Having done these lectures now i dont think it would make much difference although may save messing around a little in the adjusting the position each time you rotate but you would still need to reposition the sword at each keyframe.

Well, maybe the best pivot point would actually be slightly below the hilt so the sword would be moving like the finger of an analogue clock around the center point…

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