Switching between Scene and Game windows

I was trying to switch between the ‘Scene’ window and the detached ‘Game’ window, using the shortcut keys (Ctrl_1 and Ctrl_2), as demonstrated in the video lesson. However, the detached ‘Game’ window remained in focus, continually blocking out the ‘Scene’ window behind it. It was only by detaching the ‘Scene’ window from the main Editor window that I was able to successfuly switch focus between the ‘Scene’ and ‘Game’ windows. From the video, it appears that this is being accomplished with the ‘Scene’ window remaining docked to the main ‘Editor’ window. I was wondering if this is indeed so, and how it was done?

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Whoa, I was thinking this same thing but figured maybe it just was impossible. Then I read your post and it showed in the video that it does bring the other window to the front when you use the shortcut to it. I am going to jump in here as well so I can be notified when someone has an answer.

Great question!

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I also have this problem. How is it possible without detaching scene view?

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Just a quick check, are you all using PCs or Macs?

Also having the same problem - using a PC running Windows 10.

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Pc, win 10

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The reason I ask is because I seem to remember noticing this also and I believe it is a difference between the PC and Mac versions of Unity, I recall Ben being on a Mac in the video(s).

With both the Scene and Game windows docked, CTRL+1 and CTRL+2 alternates between the two windows, focusing on each respectively.

With either of these windows detached, or indeed any of the others, focus only shifts between the detached window and the main Unity window, not the docked windows.

If you were to detach both the Scene and the Game windows however, you can then shift the focus between the two using the CTRL+1 and CTRL+2 key commands.

It would be handy if someone with a Mac could reproduce these steps and confirm that the focus does actually shift between the two windows.

I have found this on the Unity documentation website;

You could perhaps change this code so that a check for a keypress was detected instead of this button click, however, it would seem a tad over-kill in my opinion to code in a method of focusing between these windows when you can already just click.

Even if you pop out both windows, the 800x600 game window will still be covering the Hierarchy, Project, and Inspector tabs when you’re focused on the scene, so it isn’t very effective.

Just to confirm, no one has found a workable solution or determined if this is just a Mac and PC difference as of yet?

Unfortunetely i do have the same problem as the others. Again, windows 10. Please, us know how to fix it, because without this option it is very uncomfortable to use unity.

I am fairly confident this is a difference between Mac and PC versions of Unity, if you are using PC I don’t think you will be able to experience the same behaviour that Ben demonstrates during the video (as he is using a Mac).

Propably you’re right. Seems like i have to deal with it then. Thank you for your answer :wink:

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Yeah, I think so… sorry… or… buy a Mac! :smiley:

The best solution I have found is to select the Maximize on Play option on the game tab. This will maximize when the game is running, allowing you to see the proper resolution and return when your done playing. However, if you wish to adjust things while you are playing the game, this prevents it.

Hi everyone,

I would like to elaborate about the ‘Maximize on Play’ option.
Although this option doesn’t let you make any adjustments to the hierarchy or inspector of any game object, you can still view an inset of the Scene tab by pressing the Ctrl+1 shortcut which opens it in a new window (and which doesn’t cycle back to the Game tab on pressing Ctrl+2). As for the console logs, you can only see the last message logged to the console at the bottom left of your screen.

So, to sum up, this method at least provides us with the option to view both the Game and Scene Tabs side by side without having to detach any of them and also let’s us view the last message that was logged to the Console .

Hope this helps.

Cheers & Good Luck,

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