SweepSinglebyChannel Hits Statue when not looked at

in my game the logs say that i am both hitting and not hitting the statue at the same time, i can go up to the statue and look at it and the logs will say i am hitting it but when i look away i got two messages, one saying im not hitting it and one saying i am.

You probably have two grabbers in the world. Log out the owner as well.

Hello, I was unable to figure out how to log out the owner so instead I deleted the Scene component thinking it would delete the duplicate and re-added the component and copied the code from the resources just incase it was my code that was faulty and I still seem to be having the same problem. i tried using a different prop with the grabber and it would still log both hitting and not hitting.

Also I realized this is question is on the wrong video lecture so my apologies.

Line 52 in the first screenshot

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Display, TEXT("%s hit %s"), *GetOwner()->GetName(), *HitActor-><GetName())

when I put that in this is what I get

it seems like the statue is hitting itself.

That would imply you added a grabber component to that static mesh. Find it in the world outliner then remove it from that actor.

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