Swampy thingy

This is the guy I’m working on during the Blender course. I choose not to do that Orc because I kinda need to get this guy done :sweat_smile: It wil (hopefuly) be some water/swamp/moore creature that’s meant to enbody the wrath of the nature. I have to keep in mind that we will be making it a costume for LARP summer camp, so I have to stick to somewhat human figure :upside_down_face:


Nice start to a swampy thing. Try not to get bogged down while you’re making it. :wink:


Remember, the course it’s not about how to make an Orc!
But it’s a subject where you apply learned techniques on.


Should be no problem to use a different ‘monster’, to follow the course.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah I might need to think a bit where and how to use some of the techniques explained (I don’t know yet what hard surface stuff I’m gonna give my monster), but I figured that I’ll be able to use my design instead of the orc :upside_down_face:


Some progress. Still lot of work ahead :slight_smile:

And some of my references (I also work with random anatomy pictures in chrome, when I need better view of something - usually muscles)

The head in the middle and crouched figure with white background underneath are my earlier works - I’ve been thinking about this creature almost for a whole year :sweat_smile:

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