Suggestions for a special Camera [Construction] - NO CODING Help Needed thisTime

[This is more of a talk, but as I want Brian to see this too, for now it’s an ask :slight_smile:]

Not a question this time. I’m literally just seeking a suggestion for a Construction System

Currently, my system works by literally swapping to a brand new Freelook Camera (because you can rotate with the mouse), and giving the player the freedom to move in all axis as freely as they want, and through a little bit more coding from my side, I managed to cancel that camera when we exit construction state as well (albeit sometimes, it messes things up a bit…).

For the moment, this works incredibly well to get to the snapping points of my construction system (although some points are notoriously hard to reach, because… well… Once upon a time, I had sockets all over the place, and that still needs a little bit of cleaning), but it can also give them the insane ability of flying wherever they want, and this can cause some severe issues. I was thinking of putting bounding boxes, but that just turned into a huge thought of how, when, where to activate them, etc…

So… Any suggestions on how to approach construction freelook cameras? What’s a good recommended approach, if we consider that some building can (and will) be really large in-size, or the fact that terrain will be adjustable (aka: There’s high and low points)?

Brian sees it… Brian has no ideas… Perhaps something like the Camera controller setup in the Turn Based Strategy Course…

haven’t watched that course as of yet, and it’s a little out of my context…

I’ll have a quick scatter through the internet though. If that fails, guess my last option will be to introduce building areas (I honestly have no clue how to limit this forced superpower)

Fair enough, much like construction systems are… a little out of RPG context. :stuck_out_tongue:

As with the construction system in general, I’m not sure I’ll be much help, though.

but they’re FUN though. I’m sure by now you noticed players LOVEEEE to build in different shapes and sizes. They really want to get creative. If I can’t have multiplayer integrated, it would be nice to at least find a way to get them to share their builds with screenshots over the internet!

well… you did save me with a saving system that still works marvelously till this day (thanks again kind sir). I can’t ask for more tbh, for now I just have some geometric issues and that’s the only nightmare I’m constantly dealing with and trying to fix :sweat_smile: (which is why, apart from my ordinary, I’m incredibly quiet nowadays)

did I mention the problems a bad camera can get you? If not, please watch this video (believe it or not, it was SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE when I first started out… getting this one took multiple phases of intense tryouts). Although this seems like a headache for a construction system, it’s as accurate as I can ever get:

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