Suggestion on how to continue game development , when having digital strain

i started learning unreal engine , but i have computer vison syndorm or digital strain problem , now a days my condition gone worse , i cant stand 15 min on digital display , i consult to doctors , after giving medical treatment , they suggest not to watch or minimize the time of digital screen .
sorry to ask this things in community but , i think most of us widely use digital screen , may be most of us goes through this and able to overcome this problem. I dont want to quit learning game development . so any one have some suggestion for me please let me know , like if i completly stop watching digital screen then how mush time it will take to cure this and is we can use e ink or some other display moniter , which e ink moniter should be good enough to do our work.

there is no possible way that i am the only one suffering with this issue , please help me if some have same as me or some one overcome this.

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