Suggestion For Lecture: Edit Unity Preferences - Enable Alpha Numeric Sorting, for this project

Hey. I had paused the video early on in the lecture to determine if I could write a script that would rearrange the gameobjects in the hierarchy browser to appear alphabetically. Because, moving around the cubes would get confusing if they didn’t sort themselves back in order.

In doing so, I discovered that this is how Unity originally functioned, before being updated to arrange objects by the date they were created.

A search lead me to:

Where I was pleasantly surprised that Unity has this option built into it,
in the edit->preference menu,
as the bottom checkbox.

Then, an icon appears where you can switch the hierarchy to alphanumeric sorting.

Maybe this should be pointed out in the lecture, instead of manually moving the gameobjects in order before dragging them to the serialized List on the EnemyMovement script.