Suggestion for course on PlayMaker Unity plugin

I dont know if youve heard of PlayMaker, but it is a ‘visual scripting’ plugin for Unity where you wire together logic blocks, very similar to Blueprints in the Unreal engine. I notice you already have a course on GameMaker, but Gamemaker is limited to 2D whereas PlayMaker is fully 3D capable. You will notice that Udemy already has a few courses for PlayMaker. Ive taken online courses on PlayMaker before and the company that makes Playmaker is very good about handing out free licenses to students who are learning PlayMaker. So if you contact them, Im sure they would provide you with such a deal.

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I’ve been using playmaker since finishing their 41 hour RPG course a few weeks ago. It’s been out since 2012 but as many, it’s relatively new to me. But it’s ultra popular, like Blizzard made Hearthstone with it.

That said, I would totally love a Playmaker course. At the same time, I fully believe the RPG and raw programming courses Ben offers were crucial for understanding how unity works in order to leverage playmaker to it’s fullest.

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I purchased Playmaker and followed a SHMUP tutorial on Youtube to learn the basics. It’s amazing how much time you can save with visual scripting.

I would love to have a better understanding of how PM is used by people that actually understand programming… Tips on when visual scripting is necessary and when to DIY the code and best practices for combining your own code with FSM’s.

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