Suggestion About Udemy 2D Section Titles

Not sure if this is the correct place for this but I wanted to suggest changing the titles in Udemy for the Unity 2d course to be labeled like they are on the forums here. I’m specifically referring to the (2018) and (Original) tags. I know that section 8 is supposed to kind of be the marker between old and new but I think it would make it much more clear which ones are which.

Actually I’m kind of course hopping (Loving all of them so far by the way. I’ll take this moment to say thanks for the great courses and thanks so much for updating them!) and the way that Michael is labeling the Blender courses as 2.7X and the new ones as 2.8 might be a good system to apply to sections across the board as things become more dated, and then get updated. I think for the Unreal course it was on the slides during the lessons but at some point it may be helpful to have them as part of the title as well, especially for people who like to refer back to the material as a reference.

Edit: I also meant to say that labeling the original courses as (Unity 4.X) like the Blender courses may be a better system than Original vs 2018.

Hi Patrick,

The names “2018” and “original” were appended on the forum (unfortunately) to help students differentiate between the original and remastered content whilst it was being created. With the completion of Glitch Garden this is now complete for the Unity 2D course, although there are plans to remaster Zombie Runner but then move that to the Unity 3D course. All of the sections after Glitch Garden with the exception of Tilevania will then be moved to’s Graveyard course, so the content is still available although unsupported.

Regarding the forum names, there are some big changes coming to the forum in the near future and this will see these removed anyway.

Hope the above is of use. :slight_smile:

After much frustration with Discourse’s unstable batch-edit tools, I’ve finally made a pretty helpful change.

As a stepping-stone to our final structure, I’ve tagged every topic with the name of the game it was about e.g. #block-breaker or #bowlmaster, and moved them all into #unity:original-course

…laser defender…

Still in progress

Ah, ok…

done now


Thanks for the change! That definitely looks a lot cleaner.

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