Suburban Prison, WIP, applied wall texture, 5000 samples

Conceived my building as a blend of prison time and suburbia. You can still see light distortion on some surfaces, even at 5000 samples; I’m thinking once they have a Material with some Roughness that will help. I tried the Light Portals and environmental lighting instead and it didn’t make much of a difference for me.


Here’s the desk and screen; my wall texture needs to be at least 2K, I’m thinking.


And one last shot of the staircase; the wood needs a textures, right now it looks kinda like chocolate.


Intriguing image. Especially the green light. Looks like an alarm?
So, what’s the story?

Thanks; I was trying for something that would seem off or unsettling. The green wall light is intentionally out of place with its own electrical hookup so I wanted to imply the occupant of the room didn’t have control over it. The walls I wanted to show as prison concrete with at least some modern attempts at comfort (the chair, the tv, etc.) It’s an old model that has been modified off and on between other projects. Thanks for reminding me of it, I need to go back and finish it off! :slight_smile:

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