Subsurface Scattering - Old Man


Welcome back,

amazing sculpt!
A next step could be to add wrinkles.
But that’s out of the scope of the course and can be done with paint.

Have fun!

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Looks like Rick.

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He looks like someone I seen before. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good job! I haven’t gotten that far into the course, so no idea if this is hard to do. I hope I can sculpt like this too.


I’m surprised it turned out so well. I did get lost in the sculpting and hours went by :slight_smile:

The wrinkles were a bit difficult to bring out, but luckily the reference had pronounced muscles/tendons so was easy to draw those out.

Here’s the reference


Good job with coloured in eyeballs it will look great.

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I remembered who the sculpt reminded me of after posting the reply, it reminded me of Robin Williams (actor).

The reference looks tough to do — so many details. :blush:

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