Subsurface scattering in 2.9

I can’t seem to get the subsurface scattering to work in blender 2.9.

Its the human head part and in the example when vertex color is applied it turns the head into a wax like texture in rendered mode.
Problem is that there is only color and alpha settings under vertex color node. If i connect alpha to subsurface i get the wax like texture but when i follow the example and paint some of it black there is no change in texture. In the example the black parts change back to the texture it originally had.

Tried a few thing but can’t seem to get it to work.

I had the same confusion. I ended up just plugging the vertex color attribute into base color to see, painting white and black like the example, and then switching it to the correct nodes.

After trying some more i ended up with something that was similar but not exactly how it was done in example, i was able to move subsurface scattering amount with a slider but i think colors were reversed.

Zero subsurface scattering was same as at max amount and when i made it stronger everything that was painted white stayed the same but black parts got darker.

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