Stylized Tree

Finally got it to a point with the textures that i can show it, but in my opinion, i will be re-doing my leaves texture to a different style…



Here’s the reworked leaves texture, i really love how it turned out :slight_smile:


Really exudes the charming Animal Crossing style.


How did you make the texture for the leaves? I’d be happy if I was that good!

I think its hand painted textures

Wow that reworked leaves texture looks really good! I’m also trying to create stylized hand painted textures. I’m just starting out :grin: I’m using Krita since I can’t afford Photoshop haha

Do you have any tips on how to make them?

make sure you use layers to your advantage knowing the effects of each layer can be a very powerful tool, its been some time since I used krita however I’m almost certain you still have the normal, darken, multiply, screens etc. play around with them and try different combinations you can get very good results.

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Very clever use of the the sphere to make the tree top! You could even take it a step further and layer a few of those to add a little bit more to it. Although if you’re only going to be viewing it from the top I suppose there would be no point. Still very cool!

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