Stylized tank!

So, I made a bunch of modular parts and vehicles for the learning side of modules. But, I tried to challenge myself when it came to the tank. I’m happy with the results, plus it’s all modular!

(Feedback always welcomed and appreciated!)


Looks awesome!

The one design thing/choice for me that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable is that track style is cartoonish, and the rest of the tank is more ‘realistic’/scify/agressive.


Yes, I’ve the same thing as bOBaN. From the front aggressive, the side tiny and cute :wink:
But a fine model to play with.

About the animation. all animation vectors are based by default on the bezier curve.
This makes the fade in, fade out rotation.
You can fix that in the graph editor. And if the render as image still and import them in the blender editor you can repeat the rotation for a better presentation. But this is a bit more advanced. Have fun!

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Alright, I have tried my darndest to make the tank tracks aggressive! Let me know what you guys think! (Also added some armor plate behind the tracks, and added to the gears a bit. (Thinking I need to make the gears a dark color maybe?)

I also edited the graph for the camera spin, made it a seamless loop with the speed.


All these modular sets are cartoonish it seems to me. No one would make their vehicles glow in the dark as targets! Tripods would fall over if they lifted a leg, etc. Fantasy lets anything be ok. Including ‘cute’’ mini short tanks. lol.


Looks awesome now!

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Sure, they are all stylized! But there are different sylizations. For me in the first render the top of the tank was in totally different style then the tracks. Tracks was really low poly and like from the cartoon “cars” with little detail and the rest of the tank was really detailed, in a kind of futuristic/realistic/high poly style.


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