Stylized Medieval house

Not a game art type of a house. But a couple of concepts.


I don’t know, I think it could be considered game art. It really depends on the game/IP.

These look great. The perspective looks really good. Love the lighthouse and love the addition of the cart as a house.


Looks cool! I like the best the house by the lighthouse. Though maybe the lighthouse alone looks like it is “bent” a bit too much in the direction out from viewer :thinking:.

And yeah, as swinterbourne told: that as well could be game art. Games can be about basically anything, so anything goes.


I’m also liking the house with the lighthouse the best. The cart home makes me think of gypsies, as I think a lot of them lived in homes like that.


What is game art? A medieval building, with wooden beams …? Wooden barrels, crates.

It’s all about learning to draw in orthographic mode. Or one, two-point perspective.
Practice in draw lines, ovals, circles. Shading, dimensions. Getting a feel for it.

Yes, this isn’t game art for a game. For me personally, sharpen my skills. Starting simple and evolve.


True!. Perspective wise the top of the lighthouse has the same size (or even bigger) than its foot. But drawing from the eye with no helping lines and go with the flow leads to this kind of concepts.


You’re exactly right. This stage is for concept and ideation. Later on, proportions and perspective can be fixed for a more polished illustration if needed. For drawing from the eye this is really good work.


nice work again :slight_smile:

Nice work even though it is not all medieval! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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