Stunt Rocket

I thought it would be interesting if the player could only rotate their rocket one way.

Game link: Clicky here

Please tell me what you think.

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Hey Amphorodas,

Now that was a good version of Project Boost!

I really like the particle effects you have for the rockets and also the dead rocket. These really add a nice touch to the game.

I was intrigued by the can only rotate their rocket one way concept and blimey, doesn’t that make the game challenging, but it also made it really fun, and at times really frustrating, but then when you complete one of those frustrating levels you feel more accomplished - WELL DONE - that is a great mix of emotions that you deliver to the player.

I think there were possibly three levels which I found specifically more challenging than others, the spiral one at the end was one of them. Finding the sweet spot to rotate the ship is really quite important.

I’ve seen quite a lot of versions of Project Boost, and one of the things that really stands out in yours is the simplicity of the level design, my initial thought was “oh, bit empty”, but very quickly none of that actually matter, nothing else was required because the challenge all focuses around only being able to rotate your ship in one direction anything else would really be a distraction and the simplicity of the level designs I think really works.

There was one level which had a rotated camera on it which was an interesting choice as well, it messes with the player’s senses a bit because now you feel like you are going into the screen and have to try to accommodate for that also.

I really enjoyed playing your game and was really pleased to see how many levels you had constructed and included in it, often we see two or maybe three, you have invested some significant time on your project and it really shows - well done, and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I would echo a lot of what Rob said. When I first heard the idea to only let the player turn one direction I had my doubts, but you made it work very well and the the simplicity of the level design contributed to that. Very cool particle effects too.

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