Studying the 'Employment Preparedness' and 'Industry Awareness' sections

I’m taking the Unity Certified Developer exam on July 19th, so some sections of your Unity Certification course won’t be finished by then.

I can find resources to study and learn the sections related to using the Unity program fairly easily, such as Animation, Navigation and Pathfinding, and Programming. However, for the two sections that are more about game development in general that the course hasn’t covered yet, ‘Employment Preparedness’ and ‘Industry Awareness’, I can’t seem to find any resources that I know would apply to the Unity exam specifically. (Except for Unity’s own courseware of course, but I’d rather avoid paying for two courses to prepare for the exam :grin:)

Looking at the objectives for the two sections, they seem like they cover pretty obvious stuff, but I’m worried that Unity have their own specific definitions for what different job titles are, what production phases there are, etc.

Using the first objective of Empoyment Preparedness as an example, it says: Define “critique” in the context of video game development.
Critique is a fairly broad word in my mind, with several possible definitions e.g.:

  • Constructive criticism given to a fellow developer to help them improve their technique.
  • Feedback given to a 3D artist on their model so they can rework it and get it closer to the intended image.
  • Analysing a released video game and discussing what was successful and what could be improved upon.

All of these seem like reasonable definitions to me, but I have no idea what Unity has in mind. Now, since the exam is multiple choice (and drag into correct order, or click on correct place), I could simply choose the answer that seems most correct to me, but I’d like to know what that answer is before I take the exam.

Without breaking Unity’s rules for sharing too much information about the exam, is there any advice that you can give me for studying these sections, or useful resources to read?

For job titles I don’t think they are going to ask you anything you don’t already know or you couldn’t work out. But just in case, this list I used to revise was:

  • Concept artist
  • 3D artist
  • Environment artist
  • Animator
  • Level designer
  • Producer
  • QA Engineer
  • Programmer/Engineer

As for the stages of product development. There are many ways to slice it, one way is:

Another is:

  1. Pre-production: development of concept and art.
  2. Production: assets and implementation.
  3. Maintenance: patches and fixes.
  4. Updates: new content, e.g. levels and characters.

As for the definition of critique, there is no “correct” definition. There certainly isn’t one that you don’t know about so you’re safe to pick the best answer in the exam.

Thanks Sam, that’s definitely good to know. The list of job titles and different product development stages is very helpful, I’ll do a bit of a refresher so I know I’ve got them correct.

You’ve put my mind at ease a bit, and I’m pretty confident for those two sections now, so thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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