Stuck with Timeline

So I was getting back on the course after 15 days and was creating the timeline for the player rig and I am getting a weird sort of movement
Any help would be much appreciated and if possible a discord call regarding this would be lovely

Link of the Recorded Video


Thanks for sharing your video. Unfortunately, I could not see any weird sort of movement. Would you mind letting us know what you don’t like in the video and how the movement should look instead?

If this is the first time you created an animation in Unity, maybe it is a good idea to simply delete the animation and create it again. As for me, I often find it easier to achieve good results by recreating an animation than by trying to fix an animation I’m generally unhappy with.

Thanks for the reply Nina,

The thing is I tried fixing it but I am not able to find the problem. I am feeling that spacecraft is moving unnaturally.

Have you already tried to delete the current timeline animation and to recreate it? And what exactly don’t you like? Maybe you could keep the scene window open and select a top-down view to see how the root game object gets moved around by the timeline. The ship moves relative to the root object.

If you feel that the rotation looks weird, move the spaceship closer to the camera for testing purposes.

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