Stuck on Y Axis!

My tank is stuck on the Z-axis. It can’t traverse up or down. If I enable physics on the Capsule Collider everything goes crazy! The camera spins out of control. Mesh components go in different directions. If I get the Capsule Collider close to the turrets they engage and can kill the thin air!

I’ve attempted using CapsuleComp->SetSimulatePhysics(true); to enable it in the BasePawn.cpp
but that has degrees of success. It’s like the Capsule is colliding with some unseen entity.

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That is a limitation of the way the movement was coded. If you want to have slopes then I suggest you move towards a physics based movement by using AddForce on the capsule component and simulating physics.

Cool thanks DanM. Just when Stephen mentioned, “Add new level geometry…and make the tank climb up ramps!” I thought I missed something. For the life of me, I couldn’t get it to traverse so figured I messed up again somewhere.

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