Stuck in retopology step

I am having an awful time trying to get my model looking right in the retopology phase. I’ve got these gaps around the eyes I can’t seem to fix.

It also seems that my symmetry got off at some point.

Also, I thought I’d try what I thought would be a simpler model from scratch (Q*bert from the old arcade game). I started with a sphere for the head and a cylinder for the nose but I’m stuck with a terrible crease where they meet up after joining them together. I can’t seem to smooth it out and sculpting around the area amplifies the crease. Is it possible to fix this or do I need to start over?


dont give up ! first create a spare save and after that if we talk for first image you can maybe delete some faces and select edges then press f to fill them with new faces and after that maybe you can press k to knife tool and cut that faces for the new edges and you can play with new faces until you’re sure you got them in the right shape, and hide the eyes when doing retopology because we use snap tool and you don’t want attached our faces on the eye surface actually, the problem seems to be that you didn’t hide those eyes .

and remember symmetrical things are not beautiful symmetry is boring, asymmetrical things can be more tiring but looks natural

if we talk for second image you need to just go sculpt mode and click on the remesh option on upper right, enter a value and remesh, this will solve this problem.


You need to get the topology right. This is why hand retopology is the better way to do it.

On the second one, if remeshed joined it should smooth tool out.

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  • Start with loops around the eyes and mouth.

  • If your symmetry is broken. You can delete half the face and apply a mirror modifier. Continue sculpting.

*Q-Bert: if the mesh detail is too high, then it is very difficult to handle a sharp crease. You jumped probably too fast from low to high density. Sculping is a tedious process of adding tiny details, using tiny steps of mesh sub-divisions.

I Thing you are eager to see and work with the end result. But the steps in between are very important while sculpting.

  • Your first model is too fast (too simple) in retopology (need to work on loops)
  • Your second model, you’ve skipped some steps.

Show us your progress, don’t give up.