Struggling with streching in my UV maps

Hi all. I currently in the UV unrapping the marking seams part. Kinda struggling to reduce the stretching area inside my ogre UV map for quite long time now. Are my current UV unwrapping works good enough? Need some feedbacks on how to reduce more of the light blue area taken inside my UV map. Cheers.

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Yes, stretching could be a problem, but I don’t expect them in your case. Light blue isn’t that bad. Even green is exactable in some cases. In all cases it depends on the texture you are using!

Is the texture belt brown than stretched it is still the same color brown! But having a text sentence on the belt (straight lines), then it will be noticeable. Then go back to the uv-map and fix those problems areas. All part of the Blender development process.

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Thanks for insightful feedback. Probably satisfied with my current UV unwrapping. Still a lot to learn about this.

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I don’t think I ever look at that stretching thing. I just look at the end result, if something is out, then look at making more seams, or changing them. Not saying it is not a good thing to use if it helps you, just sometimes it can have you worrying over things that are not really visible.


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