Struggling to understand how pieces fit into each other

Hi guys,

Just a thought while going through the lectures. I am having a hard time remembering why we use a constructor and where we need to use it. Also I am finding it hard to remember all the information in general.

Do you guys have specific ways as to how you remember when and where to use a constant or when and where to use a constructor?

Basically My Lego pieces are finding it hard to slot into each other and |I have to many lego pieces I need to slot into place. Dies the blue lego go with the green or does the red go with the blue?

Hope you guys understand what I am trying to say and I look forward to some comments and responses.

I feel the same way - Though I think this is fairly normal when one is relatively new to programming :sweat_smile:.

As such I don’t have any method that I use to easily remember everything, I am trying to back reference to several sections of the course, and look through the forums in case of people that might have the same questions as me.

EDIT: Just noticed that you wrote this 13 days ago, so not sure how useful this will be for you at this time.

I also have this issue. Instead of simply re-watching the lectures; I attempt to rebuild things we have covered on my own in a completely new file. I would say; instead of rebuilding 'Bulls and Cows" try to build something else using the knowledge you have so far; and incorporate as much from the lectures as you can. This will help solidify what you know.

I sit there scratching my head; thinking 'Okay; how did we build that constructor? Class? Do/When?. And try not to look at anything for guidance and simply think it through. Its helped me inch through so far; and hopefully it helps someone else too.

I just finished this lecture and find myself with the same problem lol.
And in the previous lecture I didn’t quite understand why we would use a class, but now I have better understanding.
So I guess maybe it will all make sense if we go on with the course and then look back.

I’ve come back to this course after a wee while. The key is repetition, in moderation. Just continue working throughout the whole course; there are so many pieces you have yet to work with. Repeating the old lectures, whilst good, will bore you and you’ll stop.

The point of classes/constructors at the end of the day comes back to encapsulation and abstraction, or at least that’s my understanding. Ben mentioned initalized private members are run at compile time, constructors are run at runtime; this sort of stuff is probably advanced and we’ll pick it up later (and why it’s important).

To summarise, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, because there is so much to learn. Just keep ploughing through the course, accepting the knowledge each video gives, one video at a time. Checking the class discussions helps a lot as well.

I do get hat you mean and feel kind of the same way. I got to say before that I already knew C++ before doing this course and made some apps and played a bit with OpenGL. The problem however is unreal itself, I feel like it is hard to get used to getting into a routine workflow with the engine. The whole C++ and BPs is a powerful tool, but it is not easy to decide which one to use. On top of that you are pretty left alone when it comes to using C++ in UE4, since unfortunately most tuts out there are only using BPs. I don’t have any advice on how to become operational with the engine, since I haven’t figured that out myself. I do have one advice however. Get comfortable with C++ outside of UE4. If you are trying to learn the engine AND struggle with C++, you make sour life harder than it needs to be.

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