Struggling to Learn

Hello, I’ve been following a C++ course on Udemy, and I feel like I’m just copying and pasting what the instructor does. I’m very new to coding, and feel like I’m not getting a grasp on what’s going on. Anyone have any tips or tools to help? Thanks.

Where in the unreal course are you? I would advise not trying to move too fast. I would spend a lot of time on the tripleX section to really get a feeling for how the the pure C++ console program (not using unreal yet) works. Experiment with it a lot. I advise not copying and pasting, but typing everything yourself with your keyboard – don’t laugh, this can really make a big difference! Spend time experimenting at every stage in the tripleX videos, really understanding what is going on. Particularly, make sure you can: 1) read input from the user, 2) make some decision about the user input (compare it to something, like an expected value), and 3) produce appropriate output (print to the screen). Doing many variations on this will help a lot.

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You can’t learn programming in speed. It won’t work. Just because the course is x hours doesn’t mean you can learn in those hours so repeat the course lessons until you get it or search for what you’re lost on and see if someone else says it in a way that makes sense to you.

That’s the sad part to learning to code. You can also jump on and take free c++ lesson. I did it recently just to see what they have in all the lessons and its all simple beginner stuff. There’s also mobile apps that can help you to learn c++. Everyone uses different words so someone might get you past a rut.

And you just won’t really learn if all you do is copy/paste. You can copy/paste but then you need to tear it apart and understand it in your own way.

Don’t expect to really understand until maybe about one year of constant coding. The walls open up at a point down the road. It will not happen in 100 hours. Until then you have to struggle quite a bit.

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