Strike a pose

I like this type of challenge. I had a lot of fun doing this.
Especially to 2 min ones, using a reference. But some of them are hard, difficult just to do the stickmen.

So here are the from memory poses (no references).

Using the QuickPose learning tool.


Really cool stuff! I’m really curious as to what the last dummy is doing, the one doing the hand stand, Is that a failed flip? I’ve seen so many of those in my life, it brought back some “achy” memories :sweat_smile:


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It was a girl standing on her head, but stabilizing with her hands.
Some of the reference photo where dark. And most of them faces turned away.

And 2 minutes timer is hard. Sketch with pencil, than black marker. Shading I did at a later moment.

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These are excellent @FedPete. I could use some of them with my 3D characters. :grinning:

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