Stretched topology


I’ve been working on the UV Unwrapping course, but my seams are different from Grant’s and I seem to have a lot of streching when I do the same as him. Is it a big problem? Where would that come from? Any way to solve this?

Thank you by advance :slight_smile:

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Blueish is still good() cyan).
Stretching depends on what kind of texture you’re going to use.

Using one color (green), you don’t see stretching happen.
If you have a distinctive texture, like straight lines (texts), then it could be visible.
I think you will be good, not have a problem!

  • To fix you need unwrap differently, placing more seams, which lead to other problems.

Just continue with theese lessons!

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Not enough to be worried by. There is always some stretching as the uvs are flat and the 3D objects are not. The lower the poly the more curve is covered by a face. Further these are tiny objects, stretch is not going to be noticeable.

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Thank you for your help! So the whole point is just to see after having applied textures! (I’m unwrapping the body and I have trouble around the eyes, but I guess I’ll see after then, especially since the texture there won’t be very detailed anyhow)


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