Strange Trees

Running ahead and going of script really bit me in the butt this time – my first attempt was the small tree with many branches. I actually do know what a mimosa looks like, but sculpting out all the branches was much harder than expected. I suspect a better way to do this would be with an intermediate level – making several large branches with the limbs and then adding those to the trunk (not sure if this is good for poly counts though). I almost gave up here, and needed to break to think about where it went wrong.

Then I just made a fantasy tree with a pine trunk, maple bark, and oversized mimosa leaves.

And then tried putting them in a scene.


Making a tree is hard work.
But there are some addon tools, can create a tree for you!

Also, other techniques are available, so just follow the course.
There is much more to learn.

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Fine trees, but Grant’s way in the course is easy and quick, just images, so low poly and it works for distance viewing.

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The second tree was made Grant’s way.

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