Strange problem regardin the follow up camera

Hello to everyone, I’m following the tutorial and tested the implementation of the following camera using the cinemachine but I’m still in trouble on make it work correctly. First I reach the end of the section implementing all the cameras but I found that sometimes there is a strange glitch in the camera that make almost instantly change position and recenter to the player. Then I choose to redo all the step @Rick_Davidson did starting from the very beginning, and as you see on the video I uploaded I still got the same effect, the strange seems that the virtual camera not follow the real center of the player and so if he is outside of the deadzone the camera will be resetted centering on him. What could be ?

Hi Patrizo,

As i dont think we cover this in the course there is not much we can do to help on this.
There is a course by jonathon wienberg on udemy on the cinemachine so that may be an avenue to look.

I havent taken this section of the course yet as i have had to divert to other work items so if you can let me know if this is solved or if you might find help sooner elsewhere as i realize this is over a week old now.

Thanks in advance

Hello Marc, plaguebreath on Discord here, yes I think I got a solution for the problem, basically I found that I need 2 camera that blend each others with some small timing switch. The one for Idle with no deadzone and damping and the other for running with deadzone and damping, using them seems work pretty well enough for what I need :slight_smile:

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