Strange Line Trace Behavior

So I followed the video on Line Trace By Channels for Simple Shooter, but my line traces are hitting really weird locations and I can’t figure out why.

If I turn 90 degrees to the left it hits right next to the shot circled in the image, if I turn 90 degrees to the right, it hits where I’m aiming in the image, I tried using a negative value but it didn’t change where the traces were hitting…any ideas?

Another image, of it showing the Debug Camera pointing the correct direction, X is where I was pointed when fired, move back and to left to grab a SS

So I tried doing a 360 degree shot to see how the Line Trace was actually working, they’re all stuck on the one wall.

Sigh, I figured it out, I was setting the FHitResult before setting Location/Rotation, moved the FHitResult Variable “End” to be set after OwnerController is checked/sets Location/Rotation, this fixed the problem.

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