Strange Face

Hi, I’m trying to fix a stretching problem in the UV map and am having trouble with this strange face.

From the UV map, it seems that the selected cell has 8 vertices, but looking at the corresponding face in the mesh and it obviously contains two triangles and two quadrilaterals.

In edit mode when I click on any of the four shapes, it’ll select them together. In other words, I can’t click select the individual shapes separately.

And when I select an edge in the mesh part as shown below, two vertices are selected in the cell in the UV map but there’s no edge between them:

Any thoughts about this?


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Yes, that is extra geometry. That selected face, delete it.
Odds are the others cover the same area, but any holes left just reface by selecting the specific edges you need and pressing F.


Thank you! I removed the strange face, and manually filled the hole. It seems to be OK now.