Strange answers to mock exam questions?

I know it’s a work in progress, but the mock exam has a couple of strange Q/A pairs.

For example, in the animation section:

‘Match the situation to the appropriate Animator Controller tool’.

The correct answer is marked as ‘1D, 2A, 3C, 4B’.

Which would be:

Jumping, Crouching, Standing animations -> Sub-state machine
A dying animation which is always possible -> Multiple state with interconnecting trans
Running, Standing, Walking animations -> 2D blend tree
A series of jumping animations -> Transitions from the any state


Just miss labelled perhaps? I can’t see any justification for having multiple jumping animations involving the any state.

Also, in the programming section:

‘What is the purpose of a method?’ -> ‘To abstract from details.’

Really? Did you mean interface? That’s not what a method is for. ‘To use fewer lines of code’ is actually more technically correct.

I saw a couple of odd ones in the end of section questions too, but I cant recall the exact ones now…

Probably worth going through an making totally sure they’re all marked correctly in the exam at least.

Edit: And another in the animation section on blend trees:

  1. 1D blend tree -> Standing, Strafing Left/Right, Walking, Running.

Really? As I get faster and faster I go from standing to walking to strafing left and right to running? :slight_smile: I donnnn’t think so.

Thanks for this, @sampattuzzi will take a look next week. I appreciate it.

Thanks, I had forgotten to shuffle the answers.

Does this work better?

AAH! Forgot to shuffle again. Right, that helps me fix my process a little. Thanks for feeding this back to us @shadowmint. Very valuable feedback.