Stranded - New finished Sci - Fi environment

Hi there everyone!

Had a ton of fun with my new finished Sci - fi environment Project. Any critique is more than welcome . I hope you like it!



Looks amazing, way beyond my skill level, but if I were to nitpick something… the clouds don’t look very natural. It looks more like smoke from explosions just suspended in the air. Maybe there should be a color gradient to make it fit well. Not sure, just brainstorming.


I love this! A really cool style! Was it finished off in the compositor or Photoshop?

It took me a while to see the character, so I had a warped sense of scale when I first looked at it. Maybe move them a little to the right to stand out more?

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Sry for the late reply, thank you very much! :slight_smile: …yeah I got that with the clouds from other ppl as well, they are basically smoke simulations and should actually render correctly , ill play around with it a bit more then I think :slight_smile:

Sry for the late reply. thank you very much as well :slight_smile: …yeah I moved him to the left now, hes is cleary visible :slight_smile:

It was finished off in Photoshop afterwards :slight_smile:

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