So I consider myself a pretty intermediate UE4 C++ developer. I know my way around Unreal Engine pretty well, but there’s one thing that I just can’t figure out.

How do you make a story based game? For example, lets say I have a story for a game. A protagonist, antagonist, and maybe around 10 missions. How do I progress from mission 1 all the way till mission 10. Kinda like GTA how you finish one mission and that mission is gone, and you move on to the next mission. How can we achieve this progression in the engine. My idea was to have a custom object called mission manager, where you load the logic for your mission, and after each mission the previos logic gets deleted. buttt obviously there is lot more than just one blueprint for a game. For example, a person runs to a building, kills people, maybe loots something, next mission is to drive to a different building etc etc. I’m trying to explain as best as I can.

Any idea on how we can achieve this? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Depends. There are a number of ways, 2 of which spring to mind.

if you’re dealing with a single large map, you’d use a quest system and when certain quests are completed, you complete a chapter.

If it’s different areas, different maps might be a solution. And within the map again a quest system.

Quest systems would make sense as you might have a number of things to complete. This is of course assuming you want to give the user a series of objectives throughout a level. If it’s simply reach the end of a map such as games like Doom or Quake utilised, this is probably not required and instead, unlocking doors to get where you need to be. Something like Dead Space would fit somewhere between the two where you complete a series of objectives within a level and often a level boss before move to the next level.

This really comes down to level and game design and that’s a whole different topic for discussion.

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