Stitch Unity Final

Sadly I don’t have any screen recording software to capture all of the animations in action, they all work though with just some minor stretching (I’m not good at weight painting). Next up…Lilo!


Good job!

You can use OBS, which is free and works well for screen recording and than put those video in some video sharing portal like youtube, vimeo or others.


I love this, it’s wonderful, so much personality. Oh well done!

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Hello, I hope you’re enjoying your today,?! At the moment, I’m taking a course in blender character art. It seems really really hard, is this true, or am I just making a meal of it, so to speak?

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The parts I found to be the most challenging are retopo, rigging, and animation, however, every artist is different and thus will experience different hurdles, that being said most 3D modeling classes will have some sort of roadblock to them until you gain experience, luckily this is a really good community of people here that are willing to lend a hand!


Thanks for that info, I will look into it and test it out!


To add to what Mr_Art89 said… the course is for beginners, but it’s not the easiest course out there. But I believe that even if you didn’t use Blender before you could end up with awesome character at the end.

Making characters as a subject is difficult and time consuming. But Grant’s takes it slow and makes it very accessible. Just take your time and don’t rush through the course. Also some parts are harder than others for some (like hands), so don’t be discouraged if you get stuck on something.


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