Still stuck trying to get access to the Surface dropdown - lesson 252

I am still stuck trying to get access to the Surface drop down in the materials field so I can use the color field to upload an image.

On the left is my materials window layout, while on the right is the materials window shown in tutorial lesson 252 (Introduction to UV Unwrapping). I do not have the Surface drop-down where I can choose to upload an image rather than a color, therefore I am unable to follow along with the lesson.

In your layout, you have the Preview area expanded, but from the screenshot of tutorial lesson 252, you can see the Preview area collapsed.

That said, however, you’re working with the Blender Render engine chosen (top of the UI layout), and the screenshot of the tutorial lesson 252 has the Cycles Render engine chosen. THAT is the difference. I’ve found that many items in the UI, and the Node Editor, change depending on which Render engine you have selected. If you change yours to Cycles Render, you will see the same setup as the tutorial lesson layout.

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Thank you!!! That was the problem!

Glad to hear it! :wink:

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