Still rough, but went farther than I could have hoped

First off, want to give a huge thank you to Grant!
This has been a ton of fun, and you’ve been a great instructor.

Wanted to share the pieces created throughout the course.
Obviously I rushed some parts and still need a ton of practice,
but again, I improved more than I would have thought possible!
(Also I forgot to save sometimes, so lost some of the finishing touches to a few pieces)

Some quick thoughts/notes:
I started with Pencil/Paper, but then my lovely wife bought me a Drawing Tablet.
Ended up being a bit of a double-edge sword, because I found drawing lines to be much harder.

Digital is definitely an adjustment, but the benefits of digital I think are definitely worth it.
I couldn’t imagine doing the Landscape section on paper, for example!

Also, 6-tone landscapes feel like cheating when it comes to feeling like a “real artist” :laughing:

I think this being a “Concept Art” course hits all the marks correctly.
I’d gotten tired of “tracing” (modeling over the top of reference images) in Blender and feeling like the creation wasn’t “mine”.
Now I can make 3d models based on my own sketches, and even with “tracing” them, I still feel like I made it.


Wow :star_struck: you did a phenomenal job

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Great work keep moving forward, practicing and improving. Oh and welcome to the forum