Sterorc has colors

Well… I had a lot of glitches as I realized that multires objects must keep their original form (more or less). But some manual tweaks to the normal map solved this problem. And the low poly Sterorc is painted now!


He’s looking good!!
I see you’ve also gone the more subtle approach to skin detail (not as rocky as Grant’s) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I feel like he could use a little noise detail on the skin, but that’s nitpicky at this point.
Nice painting of the accessories and eyes also, it makes for a nice stylized look (almost cel shaded with the high contrast!)

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Yep, and he did actually something like this on his muscly orc. But for this course it seemed overdetailed to me, so yeah - I decided not to go much deeper than some scars, a bit of rash and burns.
(Though I used noise and musgrave everywhere else but for the skin geometry :D)

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Sterorc looks really good if a little sad! lol.
Been overdoing the steroids?

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His gym is closed lol