Stern Goblin

it was a fun course where I got to get back to basics that I had lost.
One is Eevee and other is Cycles, guess which one is Eevee and which one is Cycles.
Background: Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash


hmmm, you give the answer by yourself…
Named the images as such … to be seen by mouse hover.

But it’s a perfect render (both).
It’s had to make something work well in Eevee and Cycles.
Good job.

If you compare Cycles is a bit better-lighted (seeing details).
But if only Eevee, then still be a very good render.


Very nice model character and renders.

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Forgot I named them like that haha ​​ :joy:

Thanks for the feedback. :grin:
Want to show that we can get good results on both whichever it is.

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Thanks! still a long way to go :grin:

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I like your unique approach of the original characters :+1:


Thanks, it was good experience to make it :grin:

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