Stegosaurus Final Scene

I decided to create a Stegosaurs instead to make it more engaging for me, so I am not just following along, but having to be more aware of what I am doing.

I think the final scene is cool, but I feel like something is missing, or is too much. Any tips? Thanks.


Neat! I like the use of perspective with the trees.

I’m no expert on composition, but if you feel like something’s missing, it’s most likely because of the rule of thirds. Grant mentions it very briefly in this part of the course; to grossly oversimplify, draw an imaginary tic-tac-toe board over your image and look at each of the 9 squares to see if it adds to or detracts from the image. Following that logic, there’s a lot of flat, open space to the right of the stegosaurus. If you put literally anything there - a herd, a different dinosaur, even just some terrain bumps or a little valley or something - you’ll probably find it scratches that itch. Failing that, you could also try adjusting the camera angle to better fill that image region with the stuff you’ve already got (I know I fiddled with the camera for quite some time when I made this scene).

I’m sure there’s also more you can do with the lighting in particular, but I’m definitely not the right person to be giving suggestions on that XD


@Jaydon I’m very impressed with your Stegosaurus. I’m also impressed with @BH67 mentioning Rule of Thirds, as I don’t recall anyone here ever mentioning it. I’ve used Rule of Thirds since I learned it years ago at a 3D graphics forum I was active on, and I found it made quite a difference when setting up my scenes. I think if you learn more about it, and then use it when composing your scenes, you won’t be seeing empty space as in this scene here to the right of the Stego and the small tree he’s sniffing at.

Other than that, this is a great scene with all the varying sizes of the trees and mountains you’ve included.


I appreciate the replies, I’ll be sure to keep the rule of thirds in mind for future compositions. Thank you.


awh i really like this!! the shader effects you used are really cool too, and really like the trees as well.
imo i think it would be nice to have slightly more saturation/contrast in the final image, and perhaps more of an angle to the render perspective. your modeling is perfect though! <3


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