Steering the Wrong Direction

I’m having some trouble with the car occasionally turning left instead of turning right. The first time I click the right side of the screen, my car will always turn right. If I click the right side of the screen again, my car will turn left. It continues turning left for subsequent mouse presses until I move the cursor off the screen.

For troubleshooting, I tried disabling the left image. This prevents the left turns, but I can’t turn right after my initial click until I move the cursor off the screen. (Is this the correct functionality of the Pointer Enter/Exit Event Triggers?) I attached a screenshot below of how my left image is set up:

I also downloaded Nathan’s files from GitLab and experienced the same issue in his project.

For reference, I’m using Unity 2020.2.2f1.

Hi Ericrenn,

I am sorry you are having this issue, I’ve stepped in as the TA for the course to help out and see if we can get things resolved.
I’m a little bit behind as starting the content today so i will be looking out for this issue when i reach the content (I am an older unity user so i expect to catch up fairly quickly)
Sounds like it could be an input issue but as its consistent in the project that you downloaded i wonder if its a bug within the course itself

I’ll escalate this to Nathan in the meantime on the internal channels as having an issue tagging atm for some reason.
If i find anything out i will also post back here to let you know

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Thanks for looking into this, Marc! I started this course last week, so don’t feel like you have to rush through on my behalf. I’m probably missing something obvious as I haven’t used Event Triggers like this before.

I’ll probably get to this i should hope very early next week as my kids are on an inset day tomorrow so are at home.
I’ve also got tripped up at the previous section where i believe cinemachine is causing issues on samsung android devices and its taken me the best part of the afternoon to narrow it down.

If i havent posted but at least tuesday please do give me a poke here to remind me and i will get right on it then (I am normally pretty on it though :slight_smile: )

If i dont speak to you before have a good weekend!

How does it react when you build to your mobile device? I think I had this occur to me in the editor a couple of times but never in a build. If it works fine in the build then I can add in an edit to make people aware of the issue (at least it’s editor only). I think it must be some strange interaction between the Input System simulating mouse clicks as touch input and the Event System.

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I managed to solve my issues in the previous section (Looks like internet issues corrupted the cinemachine package and caused me a 4 hour headache and giving Nathan a fright :wink: )

I am getting the same experience here with your replication steps in my project and can confirm this does happen so its not anything you have done differently from the course.
At this point in the project i built to my android (Samsung Galaxy S5) and it does appear not to transfer to the built project as i cannot replicate the issue on my phone.

@Nathan_Farrer As you mention its worth putting a patch in to confirm that its the interaction between the unreleased packages and the event system that causes it and does not transfer over to the built product.

Hope this helps

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After updating my computer, I was able to successfully build the project to my iPhone. I did not encounter the error there. It looks like you’re right and this is an editor-only issue. Thanks for looking into this!


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