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I have asked in the udemy site but thought i might ask for some help here as well.
I have the steam subsystem set up and when i launch the game the first launch will start with the steam subsystem. I copied all files to a flash drive and put them on my laptop with a different steam account and launched the game again. when i launch on the laptop it does not connect to steam and only uses the null subsystem. I’m not sure why this is happening as all the code and files are the same on both systems, same version of unreal, same version of VS.
Here is a video that shows what it is doing. It is launching the game twice on one PC but 2 PCs does the same thing.

I haven’t used Steam in development, but if it only works on the one PC then the other one is either missing something or the code is set to work on the one PC or the one account.

You can test that a bit more by signing into the working Steam account on the non-working PC. If it still doesn’t work then its probably not that and then in that case its probably a problem related to the project on two different the PCs.

An example of two difference PCs being a problem with projects is that its possible to build projects that have eg a need for a specific Visual studio dll and the project will fail to run on any computer without that dll file - so projects can alternatively be built in Visual Studio to include the dll when building. Not saying that’s the problem here, just an idea of yes, two computers can at times have different results.

If it is Steam and only the one account works then you have it tied to the one account somewhere and need to figure that out.

Thank you. It might be possible that it is Steam its self. Being that I bought the steam app ID it may only work for the one account without the key. I’ll request a development key for the second account and see if that might solve it. Only concern is that it still starts with the null subsystem.

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The only suggestion I have for that is:


Thank you for you help QueueButton. It was the fact that i have my own personal app id. I requested a key and used the key on my second account and was able to use steam and find the hosted server from my main account.

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