Stealth course - AnimBP's Anim Notifies are firing while standing still

Hi, I went back to the character from this course after working on a different one, and now when I’m standing still, the animBP is getting the notifies, seemingly the walk ones, firing. So it’s playing footstep sounds while I’m in the idle animation. I checked all the idle animations I have and there are no notifies in any of them. I’m baffled.
Can you help me figure out what’s happening here?

This is the character’s AnimBP


Edit: I checked the character’s velocity and it says I’m moving when I’m not. Yet it still plays the idle animation visibly, yet seems to think it’s playing the walk animation. This is a tough one.

This would be controlled via an event in the walk and run animations I assume using a notify track with an event. That way you can add the event exactly when the foot touches the ground and there would be a need for 2 such events for each of the walk and run cycles in use.

If you have access to the C++ course, I’m pretty sure how to set up footsteps is covered in the simple shooter section.

Remember you may also want to do the same for the landing animation and something for crouch too.

Follow up. The anim notify is not how you would do this. You can attach events to the animation, in this case I added a Play Sound at each footstep. Either way, you need to know the name of the event. While not perfect, this works.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The problem actually turned out to be a bug in the new input system. I switched back to the old input system and the problem went away. It was giving me float values above 0 when I was standing still.

But I will look at that course and maybe take it as I’m starting to get into c++. Thanks!

That is actually simple to fix. For game gads, you need to configure a dead zone. I am assuming this was with a game pad and not keyboard.

When you are adding the input, you also add a modifier to the input and one of the options is a dead zone modifier. You can set it to 0.1,which is usually low enough but you could try 0.05

I had to do the same thing in the stealth course.

Once you do that, the input should work fine.

Brilliant response. I didn’t even think of this but it makes sense. I thought it was happening with my gamepad turned off too, but I may have been wrong. I will definitely do this from now on.

Thanks so much.

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This is the setup I had for my Xbox Controller in the Input Mapping Context.
This should be the same regardless. I saw this previously in Unity of all things and you used to have to code the dead zone. This is also an option in the event for the input where you get the size of the 2D vector and if > than a given size, you permit movements. This is better however.

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