Static bowling scene

I know, it’s not a strike.

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Eevee shadows. I could not get any indirect lighting, and areas, which do not receive any direct light from the two spots above, are black. For the same reason I had to add a distant light shining at the scene, otherwise the frame is also black.


Models look good and the scene too, even if you found the lighting hard.
Lights are highly controllable in Blender but take some getting used to. But having a black world the scene is not getting any environmental light so needs that distant light. Play with the light types, a sun is not the same as a point light.


Eevee is a very specific render engine. The defaults have all fun stuff turned off. To make Eevee a fast renderer. You could study a bit more about Eevee settings.

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Eevee can create nice illusions, but in the course it was shown that correct settings for the shadows were highly viewpoint dependent. With wide angle optics, I imagine that it can be difficult to get the settings right everywhere.

Now here is my quiz:

Comparing this Cycles render of a physics-animated bowling shot with the one above, what was really wrong with textures before ?

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I would say floor reflection. But I don’t find this a big issue. Especially when animating, people won’t see it.

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