Starting my studio and website (Deciding Logo)


Thank you for your support :smiley:
I agree, it gets busy, but I think that I would have to take this step early or later. I think that it is a good think to make PR and start to build an brand early on, it helps with the marketing when we will need it.

I agree regarding changing the color depending on the situation, and even animate it, it is a symbol that allow us to play a lot.

I will be using mainly this last one, the orange with the grey stone. :smiley:

Thank you very much for your support


Something else to consider on the branding front Johhny, if you haven’t done so already, you might want to get and register all of the main social media sites in the studio name, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and so on… even if you don’t initially use them, at least you will have them… just a thought :slight_smile:


Hey Rob, you are right, I have to create a profile on those social media sites. I’ve created an Facebook and twitter (although, the FirePit_Games profile already exists), besides YouTube and google+, which do you recommend?


I wouldn’t try to do all of them :wink: Just pick a handful of the big ones, or the relevant ones where you would want to be featured and perhaps where you believe you customers may think to find you.

Try turning things around, if you were wanting to find details about a game studio that had made your favourite game, where would be the first place you might look?

To some degree it may also depend on what you share, or plan to share, in the future.

I’d personally certainly want to be found easily via a web search.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

A quick way to do some research for this would be to check out a few of the studios behind some of the big, well known games and see what they are doing.

If you have loads I think it won’t be as good as having a select few, but those having interesting and frequently updated content. If I see something which hasn’t been updated for months I often assume it’s dead etc.

Considerations for what gets posted/shared too will be important, any kind of questions / support type things should probably be limited to personal accounts. Progress on games, prototypes, artwork, video of game play those would all be interesting and related content. News on new projects and especially of completion, linking to where the games can be found (Google / Apple stores etc).

On a personal note you may, if you have one, want to update a LinkedIn profile of your own and mention employment at the Studio, providing web links to it and so on (when you’re all set up).


I’d say E4 for the current studio name. If you would go for greenflame games , I’d say D4.


I liked the texted one on the black background.


Thanks for your input once more!
I will probably use Instagram, Twitter, facebook and facebook, which are the ones that I use on a regular basis, it will be easier to update. Probably after a while I will create an LinkedIn too as you suggested.


You might want to check out some tools like this too, may help with the updating of the various profiles;


Thank you for your input, I did choose to use the textured one :smiley:


That’s amazing, I will surely give it a try


I’m already using it, very good tool! Thanks for it.

I’ve also posted about the process of creating the studio logo:


Hey Johnny, I am not entirely certain why I didn’t respond to this, my apologies. I think I may have read it on my phone late and night and meant to respond the next day - sorry.

Looking really good / solid :slight_smile:


No problem at all Rob :slight_smile: glad you liked it!
Are you going to participate in the Ludum Dare this weekend? I’m so excited, it will be my first one!
I’m even doing a Standard Asset package with some base code in order to help me on those jams! I’m also planning to join the One Game a Month challenge for a year at least :smiley: this approach will help me gain experience


wow - you’ve got some excellent plans, nice one! :slight_smile:

I will have to make a point of checking your website for updates to see what you put together… as for myself, it’s the summer holidays and my son is with me this weekend, so I will invariably be watching him play games, whilst I wish I was younger and cool so that he would like to participate with me also! hehe… sad times…

Rainbow Six Siege is one of his favourites at the moment but its only solo play locally, so we can’t split screen it like we can with some others… it’s getting harder to convince to him to play against bots locally with me in games like Call of Duty these days… and he seems to have inherited my instant gratification monkey gene, so I can’t get him overly interested in “making” a game… he wants to go from “idea” to “playing it” - without what is required in the middle :slight_smile:


Oh, this “middle” part is just a small detail :joy:

How old is him? there are some nice programs that teach programming logic such as Code.Org.

Regarding the Jam, I will make a post-mortem and share it here, I’ll also share the standard asset package when it’s ready, I’m adding an Editor Script to it, to mass edit UI elements:

It is still under construction, I will add support to changing fonts, UI images, add new fields to assign custom tags to it etc.


He’ll be 12 in August. He did show a little interest when I showed him Unity previously, he liked one of the games I put together from Ben and Mike G’s book and he worked through that chapter to make his own version.

I bought him a Kano so he could dabble on that too, but I don’t think he is really that interested at the moment to be honest.

They use the Code.Org site at his school, he’s mentioned a couple of things he’s done during his Design and Technology lessons, they also run a computer club (covers making a website, Scratch that kind of thing), just not really his thing… he has become a FPS l33t ha><0r now… I miss my little boy! :smiley:


That’s awesome!!

In this age they usually are kind of trying to look like independent :joy: Eventually, he will start to play local coop with you again. (Local coop >>> online).

It is nice that they teach code to kids over there, I wish they were doing it here in Brazil too. Programming teaches us how to think :heart_eyes:


I think my chances would be improved if I bought another XBox One and another TV… we could then potentially playing together, any game, either via LAN or, online… but that’s a lot of money for little reward!

Yeah, it’s not bad, the out of school hours club is a good idea. Their Design Technology lessons are split across several subjects really which changes over different terms. He did Food Tech first, so made a couple of things like pizza and so on. Then did the Woodwork/Plastics subject and designed and made a toy and a name badge. Then they moved on to the ICT side of things. It’s good to have the variety but does obviously mean they don’t get very long on each one, which could be good for kids perhaps that don’t have a strong interest in any one specific subject, but not so good for the ones who want to spend more time working on a specific thing. That said, the Design Tech teacher did mention to me at the parents evening that he opens the building every lunch time and they can come in and work on their projects if they want to.

Feeling like I’ve stolen this topic a bit here fella! Sorry…


Nice Johnny!
You are offline on Discord but I see you are making good progress on your terrain gen. Keep going!


Hey Frank,
Thank you for your support :smiley:
The terrain gen will be used in the rpg game that I will be working on, this game will take a while to be finished :sweat_smile: