Started this course using 2.9.1 - Moon Help Needed

I’m a late comer for this course. By the time I picked up this course Blender is at version 2.9.1. I was able to get through most of section 1 of the course pretty well figuring out the equivalent names of things and interface differences. Since this is my first attempt at learning Blender, I got completely tripped up with Materials. I’m doing my best at understanding how to create a Material on a mesh object but it’s hit or miss. I have a night castle scene that I would like to add a big shining moon. For some odd reason, I can’t seem to get the material to stick to it. I’ve started out with a cylinder, flattened, rotated 90 degrees. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the bright material to work for the object.

Any suggested techniques is welcomed.


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Not sure what your problems are. But there is only a big difference in the Blender UI since version 2.8.
I am not up to date with the course progress, but some parts are updated to the new UI.

Normally lighting is done by using lamps! However, there is an emission-shader, which emits light, but not as lamps do. This emission has a factor of 0 to 1. It is more an illuminance factor., while a lamp has watts power.

The disk has an emission, put the lamp behind is casting a shadow. the moon disk is bright.

You could add a lamp in front of the moon.

Illustration in Eevee.

Might just be a simple as only looking at it in solid view?

Open full size and you should see the righthand panel.

Material tab. Object Mode.
Create a new material.
(Delete out any others in the top (slot) box if need be.)
Chose a colour in the base colour patch.
Should then show the new colour. IN viewport shading or viewport Rendered.

If by '‘bright’ you mean emissive.

See lower in the material panel I set the Emission colour patch.
AND dialed up the Emission strength.


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