Start of my UI work


i just want share with you my start with the UI job.

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Looks good. Nicely done. Are you going to implement the ScrollView for your Bag UI? Or is this just practice?

hey, thanks for your comment, i’ve made all the stuff just like that :

but i’m stuck with the drag and drop system i don’t understand how to implement that in my current project :’(

Looks good. I have found that can be the tough part as well, taking what is taught and then trying to apply it to a current project that doesn’t match up directly with the course. I have found that there are good folks here on the site that will try and assist you where possible. Good luck!

to really understand and be able to use all the code I decided to make a new blank project to again implement the code related to the inventory and I redo by hand each script and item in my main project and by doing so I finally have a drag and drop that works I’ll be able to move forward :slight_smile:

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